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We are a private dog training business that includes a variety of services; working both in person and virtually for your personal preference and convenience. We offer service dog training, scent detection, pet dog obedience and basic manners, and tricks and rally sports.

Our Smart S.E.N.S.E.S

Scent Work Training

We offer training in scent detection skills, for fun, as well as allergen detection, gluten detection, and medical alert scent detection. This can typically correlate service dog task training.

Evidence Based Methods

We prefer to use science-based, “tried and true” training methods to ensure great quality and longer-lasting results and maintenance. Ongoing research is done to keep up with the latest concepts.

No Force Techniques

We strongly discourage any training methods & training equipment using force, pain, or fear as tactics. We utilize only positive reinforcement techniques. That is no shock, no prong, no choke, & no fear.

Safety & General Education

Safety, general canine and body language knowledge is key for any and all dog owners. We provide this education for owners through each of different kind of our programs and in modules to take on your own time.

Excellence In Companionship

We encourage strong human-animal bonds and understanding between our owner – trainers and canines in training. This may be with pets, sport dogs, or service dogs and service dogs in training.

Service In Training Service Dogs

We offer hands-on and virtual service dog training for Public Access Standards and specific task work. This is only available for canines training to assist persons with disabilities.

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