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Our Mission Is To Train, Prepare, and Educate Humans and Canines Alike In Our Smart S.E.N.S.E.S.

Scent – work, Evidence – based, No – force, Safety, Excellence, Service

Why Do We Have This Goal?

Smart S.E.N.S.E.S. Dog Training is a private dog training business that began with a growing and passionate joy for dog training from both Hanna and her service dog Ginger. After progressive difficulty managing various medical conditions and disabilities, Hanna decided a service dog was the best option for her. You can discover more information about her journey and Ginger’s journey with her in her blog Chronically The Allergy Kid. Having trained her family and friend’s dogs prior, Hanna also decided to train her own service dog, with the assistance of a professional trainer. This type of training, was challenging, but rewarding beyond imagination. Hanna and Ginger completed their public access training and initial two tasks October 2018. Since then they are continuously training more tasks, as well as maintaining all tasks, public access, and obedience, learning new tricks and hopefully soon journey through dog sports together. Hanna began working with more dogs, training basic manners, obedience, and tricks. This is where she reminded herself of her excitement for training all dogs, not just her own. She is also very passionate about continuing her canine education and sharing that with the humans of these dogs. Hanna hopes that through her journey at Smart S.E.N.S.E.S. Dog Training she can teach humans how to stimulate their dogs’ minds and enthusiasm, and remain aware of evolving knowledge regarding canine safety, behavior, and handling. Of course, we cannot forget about the canines themselves. As Hanna believes all dogs deserve the time, energy, and opportunity to be enriched and taught skills and behaviors throughout their lifetimes, her goal is to assist dog owners in doing so. Hanna hopes to help humans and canines alike, providing others the opportunity to bond with one another as she was lucky enough to experience with Ginger. In doing so, she would love to also be able to assist people in what they need or hope to achieve, that being minimum training standards or service dog training for persons with disabilities like herself. As she has trained her own service dog, she understands the capacity to which a dog can change one’s life and provide them the gift and human right of independence for those less abled than others. She hopes you will join her as a human-canine team in training today to accomplish this for yourself!

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