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We offer a range of dog training services to help you achieve results with your canine companion. We provide hand-on, in person training sessions as well as virtual training sessions for your convenience. From basic manners and obedience, to tricks and sport, to service dogs and task work, decide what is the best fit for you today! Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

What You Can Expect With Each Of Our Services

Any training lesson or service will also offer the same education of healthy concepts and safety topics like; body language, general canine knowledge, safety and bite prevention, clicker training (a new clicker can be provided to you) general canine care, and appropriate dog training and handling equipment and supplies. 

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Basic Manners & Obedience

Basic Manners and Obedience courses, both private or group, will cover the “basics” when training your dog. These include name recognition, sit, down, stand, and stay, as well as loose leash walking, basic handling and husbandry, and initial socialization practice. As a certified DogNositics Walk This Way Instructor, Hanna is definitely able to help get your dog to start walking on a leash nicely!

Advanced Manners & Obedience

Advanced Manners and Obedience courses, both private or group, will cover more advanced skills. These include impulse control, focus heeling, recall & emergency stop, eliminate on command,  increased distractions with basic commands, distance training, settle on place, and touch and targeting. 

Tricks and Rally Dog Sports

Trick and Dog Sport training courses are offered for beginners! Trick training will include anything from a paw or high-five, to retrieval, spin, roll over, pray, bow, shake, crawl, sit-pretty, and more. Dog sport training for Rally, Nose-work and Tracking sports may be available upon inquiry. Rally signs and cones are available to use during training sessions.

Pet Dog Ambassador Instruction & Evaluation

The Pet Dog Ambassador program has various levels of required skills for you and your canine to master before testing. Classes are offered for instruction of each level prior to successful completion of each required skill and being evaluated to earn your PDA Certificate. Individual evaluation of PDA skills can be completed for each level if the canine already has strong pet dog skills. 

Scent Detection & Allergen Detection

Scent work or scent detection is also available. As a certified Fun Scent Games Instructor, we offer fun scent training as well as more advanced scent detection. Allergen, Gluten, Medical Alert, and Diabetic Alert detection training is also available upon request for trained service dogs or service dogs in training. This is very particular and requires a great deal of dedication of both dog and handler. 

Service Dog Public Access & Task Work

Service dog training for both public access standards and trained task work are available to mitigate one or more disabilities. Public access  training includes advanced obedience, public access practice, and public access education. Task training is available for many tasks, including: allergen/gluten, medical/diabetic detection, working retrieval, pressure therapy, and behavior interruption.

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